How I Work

How We Can Collaborate Best

Working strictly remotely, my intention is to collaborate strategically with you to provide position papers, business reports, and policy papers that integrate seamlessly into your overall corporate communications and business strategy. My chief aim is to help you achieve your key corporate communications outcomes.

Those who work best with me are forward-thinking senior leaders who are comfortable collaborating with individuals of all backgrounds. I'm dedicated to working with financial brands and financial industry marketing and consulting firms that are committed to sustainable global economic prosperity, financial inclusion, and racial equity. 

To save you time and money on your project, I should work directly with decision makers, so that is who my primary contact with your firm should be.

Preliminary Process

After a brief introductory call (not video) of no longer than 30 minutes, if we decide to move forward, I will ask you to send me an email confirming what you expect. Within 24 business hours after receiving your email, if I don't already have the research you need from prior projects, I conduct limited research to determine if scholarly literature to support your topic or solve your target audience's problem is available for the date range you request. (In my experience, a date range often gets established by firm policy.)

Then, I will do up to one hour of scholarly research on your topic, and will email you by the date we agree on in our initial email exchange to let you know what I find. (That email will provide no project strategy.)

If I find applicable scholarly research for your proposed project, I inform you I have, but I don't share the research without compensation. If I don't find germane scholarly literature to support your intended topic, we can discuss other options for producing your project.

If we decide to advance to the next step, I present you with a working quote that contains no strategy. I offer all proposals as paid discovery projects or paid project blueprints. Outlines that begin each project—and in which the research I discovered or possess for your project gets included—get provided for a fee. I fulfill ideation or brainstorming requests (sometimes called "brain picking"), which include virtual meetings or conference calls to discuss writing ideas or strategies, for an hourly fee, too.

Compensation Clients Provide

Value-focused clients who want the expertise, quality deliverables, and professionalism I offer benefit most from my services. Committed to getting the best outcomes, those clients expect to make an investment in my services commensurate with my educational background and professional experience. Compensation also gets determined by specific project components, originality, depth, and breadth. 

If we decide after the introductory call to move forward, we start our work together with paid consulting time, from which I generate a paid project blueprint exclusive to your firm and developed to meet its specific business or corporate communications strategic objectives. 

After we produce that paid discovery project or project blueprint, if we agree I should to work with you to complete your writing project, I will provide the additional fees required to continue. Otherwise, you will have a strategic blueprint you can use to produce your project in-house or to hire another consultant to do the work. 

We should discuss your budget during our brief introductory call to determine if I can provide services within your resource constraints.

For new clients, I require prepayment or a retainer for all work, depending on the work you request. We also execute a detailed engagement agreement that I may have reviewed by experienced legal professionals.

[Note: Clients pay all fees for proprietary research from all sources, including consultancies, research firms, scholarly journals, or subscription-based publications like trade journals, newsletters, or financial media.]

Let's Work Together

Like any consultant, I work with multiple clients simultaneously. I offer my services only to exceptional middle-market and large finance and wealth industry firms, and only write position papers, business reports, policy papers, and related promotional content through The Scholarly Paper Writer. 

The firms that gain the most from engaging me for their projects are like the highly respected finance brands identified on my expertise page.

Contact me for more details on how I can add value to your remote corporate communications team with my scholarly focused position papers.